My partner and I decided we needed a blog where we could say all those things we wanted to say, but with no fear of reprisals. Welcome to that blog.

Among other things, I’m an intelligent, opinionated, educated, lesbian, atheist author. (Can you say pariah?)  I don’t always write lesbian books, nor atheism books. Though I have, and will continue. It’s as much a part of who I am as my eye color or molecules. I freespeechkeyboardbelieve in honesty, even when honesty doesn’t believe in me.

That’s all very well and good on the surface, but deeper below, where the truth often resides, there are restrictions put in place by the machinations of society and such things as Political Correctness. When you have to market yourself and your work, you must tread softly; and carrying a big stick is wise, but usually frowned upon. There are repercussions for honesty. Stepping on toes can affect book sales.

But this–the blogosphere, and its option of anonymity, is freedom of speech at its most pure. Mostly, I write what I feel compelled to write, and hope like hell someone will buy it–enough someones, so that I can actually count on those extra royalty deposits. Life is hard. It requires money. But times have changed in the publishing industry. My partner and I have realized that there’s a game afoot, and it’s fueled by ignorance and the perception and comprehension of the masses. The great, teeming Lemming-masses. What sells is formula romance. Even among the lesbian community. How uninspired. How disappointing. What if you don’t want to write formula romance? What if you have something to offer that’s thought-provoking, well-crafted, intelligent, and unique? Too bad. You will only find a handful of loyal readers.

The sad truth of it is that the masses are largely stupid. This declaration is supported by actual scientific research. The average IQ is 100. That means that most people in this world are not very bright. And they are also the ones who buy books.

While I am thankful that there are so many people who know how to read, it doesn’t address the way they read, nor what they require from the content of that reading. Most are easily pleased. That’s why insipid, trite and unimaginative formula fiction is so everythingclosermirrorpopular. It has nothing at all to do with its value. It’s merely a reflection in the mirror of intelligence–or in the mirror of ignorance, depending on how you want to quantify it. So there’s even a tainted victory to be had by getting a book on the bestseller list, or the top 100 at Amazon. Many times, these books are embarrassingly bad. (Fifty Shades of Grey comes to mind.)

I have to say I’m offended, incensed, BITTER, that there are writers out there who churn out tripe and actually get rich off it. It’s not fair; but as we all know, life isn’t fair. But this caveat is cold comfort. This species of unfair is so wrong on so many levels.  Where is the pride in achievement and evolving as sentient beings? It is my contention that we ought to dabble in a little eugenics, (in the proper manner) in order to insure that future generations are born with intelligence. The stupid people among us are really screwing it up. Religion is a stellar example of this type of stupidity. Religion INSISTS that you don’t think anything through, and if you do, you ignore the truth in favor of your own cloying need to have a giant parent-figure in the sky who takes care of everything, pats you on the head and brainwashes you into some simpering fool. Better I don’t delve into that, in this post, as it will make the post exhaustively lengthy.

Suffice to say, I am angry that demanding the best of myself and others is met with such a cavalier dismissal. Learn to spell, godammit. Learn to construct a sentence. Learn to communicate clearly and effectively. Learn to think. LEARN. The world could do without another moron.