Okay, here is a prime example of what disgusts me the most about many lesbian writers and Imagereaders–(perhaps this is also a problem in the mainstream)….On Facebook, a writer who works for Bold Strokes –a “respected” lesbian publisher, posted this little tidbit….to the accolades of her adoring mindless fans….
“Shhh. No talking.” Helen kissed her again, this time prying her lips apart with her tongue. Maria opened her mouth and Helen reveled in the feel of their tongues playing together.
Helen was breathless when the kiss ended.
“I need you,” she whispered hoarsely.
“Take me.”

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  • Susan Seifert damn, don’t stop there!
  • MJ Williamz I’m trying to write more, Sue. I promise! LOL
  • Maria La Macchia Ahhhh ! I need a Helen in my life!! Hell I’ll take anybody or as is it were someone to take me… Alright MJ what is the name of this book and when will you send ME a copy seeing as how you are using me as your muse…. LOL
  • MJ Williamz LMAO!!!! I don’t know when the book will be out, Maria – I’ll keep you posted!
  • Dianne Perry Did you write that about us??????? LOL
  • MJ Williamz Thanks everyone who liked or commented on this. I’m glad so many people enjoyed it.
    I mean, seriously!!? This vapid, puerile little paragraph garners all that praise? What the fuck are they smoking?? It sucks! It sucks stronger than a black hole. It’s horrible writing. Do they all have the emotional and mental development of creamed corn?This is exactly why I am so disgusted by the genre most of the time. How many imbeciles ARE THERE in the lesbian community? Is it like this everywhere and in other communities (I suspect the answer is YES–but this just happens to be the one to which I (sometimes regrettably) belong. Is the lesbian community so ravenous for fiction about other lesbians that they overlook EVERY GODDAMN thing, including how HORRIBLE it isAnd of course, no matter how much I wanted to post my own comment there, I Imagecouldn’t, because I am a lesbian author, and I would be summarily drummed out of town like the discerning pariah I am. I hate that I have to choose between my integrity or the truth in favor of being ostracized. But that’s what would happen. Even though the gay community has a long history of being ostracized–they have learned nothing about how to behave.